Russians Destroy American Military Vehicle, Ukrainian Soldiers Panic & Run for their Lives | Watch

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for November 21, 2022

– Russian makes incremental gains in the Donbass region;
– Ukraine’s power grid continues to degrade under Russian missile and drone strikes;
– Ukraine continues denying responsibility for missile strike in Poland;
– US claims NASAMS air defense systems performed at 100% effectiveness, provide no numbers or proof of this claim;
– There are not enough NASAMS arriving in Ukraine over the next several years to protect Ukraine from further Russian missile and drone salvos;
– Ukraine has more or less abandoned Kherson city;
– US DoD admits Ukraine cannot achieve its main objective of expelling Russia;
– Failure to achieve Ukraine’s objective while continuing to fight and lose men and equipment equates to demilitarization;
Credit to : Hindustan Times

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