Russian Ops in Ukraine: Rocket Launchers and Lost Cities

Russian Advances Continue

Russian advances continue – roads out of Severodonetsk-Lysychansk cauldron under Russian artillery fire;
– Ukraine launches anemic “counter offensives” as political distractions from strategic catastrophe unfolding for them in the Donbas;
– Ukraine, Western media float notion of Ukrainian retreat in Donbas;
– Western media beginning to cover full scale of Ukraine’s continued defeat;
– Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) may still be sent, just not with long-range missiles;
– US MLRS have steep logistical needs, large physical footprint that will make them cumbersome, easy to spot and destroy;
– Other “wonder weapons” are being cleared off the battlefield in a similar manner, including most recently Italian FH70 howitzers;
– Javelin and Stingers will take years to replace;
– Nothing short of a direct NATO intervention will reverse course for Ukraine;
Credit to : The New Athlas