Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 11, 2022 Update) – Ukraine’s “Million Man Army” Readies for Battle

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for July 11, 2022

– Russian forces are consolidating control over the cities, towns, villages, and transportation infrastructure they’ve captured in recent offensives;
– Russian forces are also now shaping the battlefield toward the Bakhmut-Siversk defense line, as well as the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk defense line;
– The US plans to send another 4 HIMARS brining the total number sent to 12;
– Russia claims to have destroyed 2 HIMARS along with depots containing HIMARS ammunition;
– Ukrainian Defense Ministry admits heavy losses and a desperate need for more heavy equipment;
– Ukrainian Defense Ministry also claims to have a “million” strong military force it will use to take back Ukraine’s southern coastline;
– The UK has begun training 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every 4 months, while Ukraine loses more than twice that amount on the battlefield in the same amount of time;
– Stated US policy of “extending Russia” by using Ukraine as a proxy, helps explain
Credit to : The New Atlas

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