Russian Helmet Cam Captures Russian Marines Mechanized Assault On The Outskirts Of Vuhledar

Helmet cam videos of Assualt

A extensive series of helmet cam videos released on Telegram shows Russian Marines from the 155th Seperate Marine Brigade conducting a mechanized assault on the town of Vuhledar.

From the footage it looks like the men part of an forward element that was sent in to establish a foothold in the outskirts of the town.

After the men advanced with fire support from a tank and their BMP-3 they dismounted and got caught in a engagement with Ukrainian defenders leading the Russians to take position inside a building that came under constant fire by Ukrainian forces.

Vuhledar is heavily defended by Ukraine and large areas are mined making it very hard for Russian troops to break through the Ukrainian defense.

The exact outcome of this particular operation is unclear but Ukraine is still in control over the town.
Credit to : WarLeaks