Russian Frontline Kamikaze Drones Attack Ukraine

Russian Frontline Kamikaze Drones Attack Ukraine

Patrick Lancaster on the Ukraine war frontline With Russian special forces Kamikaze and reconnaissance drone Team As They Destroy Ukrainian military positions in continued push in Zaperozia region as Russia takes control of more territory from Ukraine. In this Special Report i go deep into the frontline with the Russian forces “Crimea” Volunteer battalion as their kamikaze and reconnaissance drone Team seek out Ukrainian soldiers to engage and eliminate them. I filmed this special forces team hammer a Ukrainian military frontline position underfire with a fleet of multiple deadly drones.
Available information (and Ukraine forces) seem to confirm Russia’s claims of taking new territory from Ukraine almost everyday over the last weeks (since capture of Avdeevka).
Russia said on Wednesday its soldiers were pushing Ukrainian forces back and that Moscow would bolster its military by adding two new armies and 30 new formations by the end of this year.
“Groups of Russian troops continue to squeeze the enemy out of their positions,” Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu told senior generals. “The United States and its satellites are extremely concerned about the success of the Russian Armed Forces.”
Top White House aide makes secret trip to Ukraine amid U.S. aid impasse and Despite it having been blocked in Washington congress US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan (On visit to Kyiv / Kiev ) reiterated his belief the US House of Representatives will eventually approve additional military aid for Ukraine.
The Russian border region of Belgorod has been heavily under attack by sustained Ukrainian artillery and drone strikes. Closure of schools and colleges amid a major evacuation plan, Russian authorities announced.

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Interview with Russian Special forces
02:24 Preparing bombs on drone
04:55 Recon drone takes off
05:09 Ukrainian soldiers
06:29 Kamikaze drone takes off
08:31 Drone explodes on Ukraine trench
12:27 Result of attack from pilot
Credit to : Patrick Lancaster

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