Russian Forces Unleash New Strategies in Ukraine Using Iskander M Missiles

New Strategies in Ukraine Using Iskander M Missiles

In the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a disturbing and unconventional strategy has emerged. Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots claimed that Moscow is now employing Iskander missiles in quick succession at the same target, catching Ukrainian forces off guard and causing maximum casualties.

The “Iskander-M” tactical ballistic missile is a short-range ballistic weapon that has the ability to eliminate enemy command posts, equipment convoys, and air defense systems. Its effectiveness lies not only in carrying specialized penetrative warheads but also in creating challenges for enemy air defense systems, making interception challenging. With a payload spanning from 400kg to 700kg, the “Iskander-M” guided missile can effectively target enemy positions up to 500 km.

Traditionally, Ukrainians have come to expect a single Iskander strike, giving them precious moments to adjust their battlefield positions and initiate countermeasures. However, in this new tactic called ‘Double Tap’, Russia launched swift and consecutive missile strikes, leaving Ukrainian forces stunned at a tactical disadvantage.
Credit to : Military TV

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