Russian Forces Strike Kramatorsk, “Down” Ukraine’s MIG-29s

Ukraine War

Top Ukrainian official Mikhail Podoliak said the missile attacks in Vinnytsia were an “approved military strategy” by Putin. Podoliak added that Russian forces were attacking “peaceful” Ukrainian cities in order to force Ukrainians to pay for peace at “any price”. Vitaliy Kim, governor of Mykolaiv, has said that the city’s universities have been struck by Russia. Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking their Bryansk region. Moscow-backed separatists said a British man captured by pro-Russian forces in Donetsk has died in detention. The UK has said that Russian forces are slowly advancing westward from Lysychansk in the Luhansk region towards Siversk in Donetsk. Russia has said an agreement aimed at resuming Ukraine’s Black Sea grain exports was close, following talks in Istanbul. Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban said the EU has “shot itself in the lungs” with ill-considered sanctions on Russia.

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