Russian Combat Survival Guide: How to Survive the War in Ukraine

How to survive the war in Ukraine

Combat survival guide written by Russian soldiers, for Russian soldiers participating in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

01:21 “Don’t hang around.”
02:09 “Bored? Wait, it’s coming.”
02:49 “Signs of an impending artillery raid.”
03:23 “It is difficult to prevent an artillery raid, but not impossible.”
04:04 “Stay calm during an artillery raid.”
05:03 “The night is dark and full of terrors”
06:50 “Bullets are for fools”
07:35 “Attention! Sniper at work!”
09:00 “Where is the sniper hiding?”
09:49 “Fight with an enemy sniper”
11:17 “How to behave in an area snipers are working”
11:50 “Don’t Snipe”
12:13 “Your personal weapon”
12:45 “Problems of accuracy of shooting from an AK”
13:42 “I don’t see, I don’t shoot.”
14:50 “Dig in – survive”
15:45 “Trench – 5 stars”
16:30 “Signs: Garbage in positions”
17:53 “Being captured is a bad idea”
19:04 “There are no hopeless situations”

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Credit to : Battles and Beers: War Stories

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