Russian Base “Destroyed”, “Ukrainian Shelling Kills 13” In Donetsk, Kremlin Denies Izyum “Lie”

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s military claims that it has killed over 170 Russian troops in the east and south over the last 24 hours. Kremlin-backed officials alleged that Ukrainian strikes on Donetsk region killed over 13 people. The Kremlin has rejected claims made by Kyiv that Russian forces committed war crimes in the Kharkiv region “as a lie”. UK’s Defence Ministry claims the Russian army has lost at least four warplanes over the past 10 days. US President Joe Biden told his Chinese counterpart that it would be a “gigantic mistake” to violate sanctions by supporting Russia. Germany has said it will supply Ukraine with four more Panzer howitzer 2000 tanks together with an additional ammunition package.

Credit CRUX