Russian-Appointed Official Killed In Car Blast, Biden’s $3 Bn Weapons Aid, Kyiv To Get Micro Drones

Ukraine War

Russia has announced a one-million-ruble ($16,659) reward for information on two “wanted” commanders of the Ukrainian “Azov battalion” militia. Interior Ministry accused Konstantin Nemichev and Sergey Velichko of torturing Russian troops and killing them with “extreme cruelty”. Ivan Sushko’s killing is the latest attack against pro-Russian officials in the occupied regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson in recent weeks. It also follows the killing of the daughter of Russian ultranationalist Alexander Dugin in a car bombing that Moscow blames on Ukraine. Cherkasy Oblast Governor said that a Russian missile was shot down in the region during an air raid on August 24.

Credit CRUX

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