Russian A-50 Plane Blown Up In Belarus Airfield – Why This Is A Big Setback To Putin Amid Ukraine War

Russian A-50 Mainstay surveillance plane

According to reports, a Russian A-50 Mainstay surveillance plane was destroyed in explosions at Machulishchy airfield in Belarus. Machulishchy is a village in the Minsk region of Belarus that houses an air base and military airfield. The Russian MiG-31K fighter jets, which carry Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, are stored at this airbase. The Machulishchy airfield is frequently utilized by the Russian air forces to launch missile attacks on Ukraine. Initially, there were speculations about Ukraine’s possible involvement in the attack on the Belarusian airfield. However, later, a Belarusian partisan group called BYPOL, aligned with Ukraine, claimed responsibility for the attack.
Credit to : Crux