Russia-Ukraine Update: Crimean Bridge Traffic Resumes, Ukraine’s Growing Arms/Ammo Crisis

Crimean Bridge is back in Operation

Crimean Bridge is back in operation – further repairs are required but road and rail traffic resumes;
– Western media notes the US is out of ammunition to send Ukraine and that US allies have even less;
– Nations like France have reached the limits of what they can send in terms of heavy weapons;
– Regional weather and subsequent mud is limiting the mobility of ground forces on both sides, giving the advantage to Russia which possess a larger air force, more drones, and long-range weapons indifferent to ground conditions;
– Ukrainian forces are losing ground in Bakhmut, indicating Ukrainian forces are already overextended – a situation that will only worsen in time;
– Russian forces are preserving their men and equipment and will soon be reinforced by an additional 300,000 troops;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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