Russia To Flood Ukraine With 2,000 Upgraded Tanks!

2,000 Upgraded Tanks!

As we explore the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war, there is a prevailing notion in the West that it could turn into a “forever war,” seen in a negative light. However, for Russian President Vladimir Putin, it could be a calculated move.

In response to substantial tank losses in the ongoing Ukraine conflict, Russia’s state-owned Rostec corporation has undergone a remarkable transformation in its military strategy, specifically in the production of tanks. Recent reports suggest that the Russian army has received a staggering 1,900 tanks, with an additional 200 armored vehicles expected to roll in soon. This surge in tank acquisition follows a substantial increase in Russia’s tank production for 2023, reported to have reached sevenfold according to various media outlets.

On top of that, there is buzz about Rostec not just upping its game in producing more tanks but also gearing up for a substantial boost in crafting light armored vehicles and certain types of ammunition. Rostec CEO, Sergei Chemezov, recently shared the corporation’s commitment to continually enhancing its equipment. Notable achievements in this sphere include the timely delivery of Agriculture Remote Mining Engineering System complexes, equipped with programmable munitions with the capability of swiftly covering extensive areas.

In today’s episode, we will delve deeper into this topic. Stay with us until the end of the video to discover the potential upgrades Rostec might pursue and to assess the validity of Russia’s claims.
Credit to : Military TV

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