Russia Tests Modified Su-57 Fighters – Will Putin’s ‘Smart’ Jets Be Deployed In Ukraine War?

Ukraine War

Russia conducted a test flight of its newest Su-57 stealth fighter jet last week near Moscow. The test flight was conducted by United Aircraft Corporation [UAC], a Russian state-owned enterprise on Oct. 21. According to the UAC, the Su-57 that took to the skies was a modernised version of the stealth fighter jet. The UAC said that the flight test that the Su-57 performed was a test of new technologies, integrating the aircraft’s avionics. The Su-57 is said to be powered by a clean sheet design new engine referred to as “Izdeliye” (Product) 30 engine. On October 18, General Sergei Surovikin also confirmed the use of Su-57 fighters in the Ukraine war.

Credit CRUX