Russia Shot down 4 US ATACMS in 24 Hours

Russia shot down 4 US ATACMS in 24 hours

Entering its third year, the conflict in Ukraine shows no signs of abating, with the situation continuing to escalate. Ukraine has persistently urged the United States to provide advanced weaponry to help tip the scales in their favor.
Responding to these calls, the US recently sent long-range missiles known as Army Tactical Missile Systems or ATACMS to Ukraine discreetly, which have since been deployed in combat. These missiles, part of a $300 million military aid package approved by President Joe Biden, boast a range of up to 300km, nearly double that of the mid-range ATACMS sent the previous year.
However, on May 4, 2024, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported intercepting a significant number of these American-made ATACMS missiles, stating that Russian air defense units successfully destroyed 15 missiles, with four being intercepted over the Crimea Peninsula within 24 hours. This situation makes us wonder: are these missiles truly effective in altering the course of the conflict?
Credit to : Military TV

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