Russia Shells Sumy, Military Op Underway On Left Bank Of Dnipro, Putin’s Forces Get Su-30SM2 Jets

Ukraine War

Ukrainian state energy company Energoatom has accused Russia of using the Zaporizhzhia plant as a military base. Energoatom President Petro Kotin told the Economist that there are approximately 500 Russian troops inside the nuclear power plant. French President Emmanuel Macron held an “urgent call” with Ukraine’s Zelensky about the situation at the plant. Ukraine claims that Russia launched nine airstrikes and seven missile strikes across the country on November 22. Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command said a military operation was underway on left bank of Dnipro River. Russia’s Defence Ministry said it received a batch of new Su-30SM2 fighter jets and Yak-130 combat trainers from its state manufacturer Rostec. Ukraine will evacuate civilians from the recently liberated areas of Kherson and Mykolaiv. This comes amid fears that the damage to infrastructure caused by the war is too severe for people to endure the winter.

Ukraine claims that Russia is planning a false attack on Belarus’ nuclear power plant in order to rope the country into the war. The US has said that it will provide Ukrainian forces with all necessary equipment and weapons in the winter months. Ukrainian officials claim that Moscow is gearing up for a “covert mobilisation” to enlist more Russian citizens into the war.