Russia Says “Shot Everything Down” in Ukraine Attack on Crimea Base, Zelensky’s Closed Talks In US

Military News

Russian forces foiled a Ukranian attack on the Saky air base in Crimea, a Moscow-installed official has said. Ukraine said it would soon conduct negotiations with Poland over its decision to ban Ukrainian grain imports. The move appears to be an effort to calm a situation that has led to angry exchanges between the two governments. Meanwhile, Russia has announced it was temporarily limiting exports of petrol and diesel to avoid shortages on the domestic market. British prosecutors say they have authorised charges to be brought against five people accused of spying for Russia. Ukraine President Zelensky said his meeting with US senators on Capitol Hill on Thursday was a “great dialogue”. US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Zelensky warned them about the dangers of not passing more Ukraine funding. US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he won’t commit to moving the aid forward, despite calling it a productive meeting. The Ukrainian president continued his whirlwind tour of Washington with a visit to the Pentagon. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Credit CRUX

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