Russia Releases A New Glide Bomb With Extended Range!

Russia Releases A New Glide Bomb With Extended Range!

The conflict in Ukraine has turned the skies into a fierce battlefield since February 2022. Both sides have deployed a wide range of weapons, constantly adapting and improving their aerial strategies. Recently, what has become a major concern for Ukraine is the emergence of Russian glide bombs.

Reports indicate that the extensive use of glide bombs has significantly aided Russia in gaining territory in Ukraine. These bombs have been instrumental in Russia’s recent attack in Kharkiv Oblast, facilitating ground force advances.

The Kyiv Independent report raises concerns about the potential threat posed by glide bombs to Ukraine, highlighting the country’s lack of effective defenses against them. With Russia planning to deploy more glide bombs to support their offensives, Ukraine is increasingly worried about the growing danger these weapons present.

In March 2024, a Ukrainian Telegram channel shared images of a new Russian munition, identified as the UMPB D-30SN, a recent addition to Russia’s arsenal of glide bombs. Initially mysterious, this bomb has now been fully revealed after a little over two months, with visuals of the complete weapon and launch videos. It appears that this standoff weapon is becoming more established in Russian service, creating additional challenges for Ukraine. The pressing question now is, how formidable this bomb is?
Credit to : Military TV

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