Russia Rejects Christmas Pullout, Ukraine hits Key Bridge, Zelensky says Putin Fears Nuke Blowback

Ukraine War

Russian troops claim to have gained control of Ukrainian army’s key supply route near Maryinka in Donetsk Oblast. Ukraine’s army claims Russian troops have been forced to retreat from the occupied town of Mykhailivka, on the opposite bank of the river in Kherson. A key bridge supplying Russia’s military in Ukraine was damaged in a mystery attack deep behind the front lines. The attack on the bridge outside the city of Melitopol has reportedly made it unusable for tanks and artillery to cross. Meanwhile, Russia has rejected Zelensky’s calls to start withdrawing Russian troops from Ukraine this Christmas. The Kremlin said there could be no progress in resolving the conflict unless Kyiv recognises occupied territories as Russian. Zelenksy believes Putin is unlikely to use nuclear weapons because he is “scared of death and loves life”.

Credit CRUX