Russia Received the German Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Ukrainian Army

German Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Footage from the first captured German-made Marder infantry fighting vehicle in Ukraine has been published. The Marder infantry fighting vehicle was adopted by Germany in 1971 and is armed with a 20 mm gun; technical information about it is on the channel. Previously, the Ukrainian army received about 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles from Germany. Visually, the combat vehicle is almost operational and has full ammunition. The combat vehicle was damaged in the Avdiivka direction and got stuck in the mud; later Ukrainian units tried to destroy it. The evacuation of the Ukrainian Marder infantry fighting vehicle was reportedly carefully planned by the Russian army. The military carried out reconnaissance, engineers paved a new road, and sappers cleared minefields. Only after access to the vehicle was secured was it evacuated from the battlefield at night with the help of a tank. The vehicle will not be used in combat; presumably, the Marder BMP will be sent to Russia for study.
Credit to : Лампа знаний

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