Russia Puts Avangard Missiles On Combat Duty | Putin’s Hypersonic Threat to West Amid War in Ukraine

Ukraine War

Russia has said that its Avangard missiles have entered combat duty in the Orenburg Region in southern Urals. The “complex process” of installing the missile was carried out with the help of a special transporter-loader “within a few hours”. Russia’s Defence Ministry said the missile system with the hypersonic glide vehicle will increase combat capabilities of its strategic forces. The Avangard is one of the six “invincible” strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 March 2018. Russia claims the Avangard is capable of flying at hypersonic speeds of up to Mach 27 with both nuclear and conventional payloads. Experts see Russia’s move of shifting Avangard missiles towards combat duty as another veiled nuclear threat from the Kremlin. Will Putin use its superweapon against the West?

Credit CRUX

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