Russia Occupies Hirske, Pushed Backed In Kherson | Putin Ally Says Will Bomb London First in WWIII

Ukraine War

Ukraine confirms Russian forces have “fully occupied” Hirske, a town south of Lysychansk. The loss of Hirske and other settlements leaves Lysychansk in danger of being captured by Russian forces advancing from 3 sides. Ukraine’s General Staff claims its forces have repelled Russian assaults in the directions of Sloviansk and Severodonetsk. Ukrainian military claims it has pushed back Russian troops in Kherson Oblast. Meanwhile, a close political ally of Russian President Putin, Andrey Gurulyov has said that London will be the first western city to be bombed in case of World War 3. Gurulyov has advocated Moscow’s invasion of the Baltic countries saying there is no other way to prevent the West from blockading Kaliningrad.

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