Russia Fires at Kherson 65 Times, UK doesn’t Rule out Jets for Kyiv, “Fresh Missile Blitz Likely”

Ukraine War

Ukraine said that Russian forces have targeted many communities around the frontline areas on Feb. 2. Ukraine said that Russian forces have killed two people after firing at the Kherson region 65 times on Feb. 2. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for an increase in global pressure on Russia’s over war atrocities. Ukraine said its forces have killed over 870 Russian troops in the last 24 hours. Ukraine’s military claims that it destroyed a Russian Tor-M2DT air defence system in Kherson. According to Ukraine’s southern command, Russia is preparing a large-scale new missile attack on targets in the country. Ukraine also said that Russia now has 16 Kalibr cruise missiles combat ready near the Crimea coast. Ukraine has pledged that its forces will not strike Russian territory if the West provides long-range weapons. CIA Director Bill Burns said that the next six months will be “absolutely crucial” in determining the final outcome of the war. UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace said he would not rule out the possibility of supplying British fighter jets to Ukraine. A former Russian fighter has told CNN that “nearly everyone” in the Russian military knows the mission is wrong.

Credit CRUX

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