Russia Drops ODAB 1500 Bomb – What You Need to Know!

Russia Drops ODAB 1500 Bomb – What You Need to Know!

The use of explosive weapons has long defined the brutality of war. But a new and particularly destructive weapon has entered the fray in Ukraine: the thermobaric bomb, also known as a “vacuum bomb.” These devices unleash a devastating blast wave and consume surrounding oxygen, inflicting horrific injuries and causing widespread destruction.

The battle for control of eastern Ukraine intensified in May 2024 as the Russian military ramps up its offensive in the Kharkiv region. The city of Volchansk has become a focal point, with Ukrainian forces facing a relentless barrage of artillery and air attacks.

Then, on May 21st, the fight took a terrifying turn. Russia deployed the ODAB-1500 thermobaric bomb for the first time. This weapon, nicknamed the “Father of All Bombs” by some, is designed to unleash a brutal combination of extreme heat and pressure, devastating anything caught in its path.

The attack, reported by ANNA News, resulted in substantial damage to the building and inflicted severe casualties on the personnel inside. The exact extent of the losses remains under assessment. A video of the strike, shared on the Telegram channel Severen Veter, confirmed the involvement of the Russian air force, although the precise timing of the attack was not disclosed.

Credit to : Military TV

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