Russia Deploys New Thermobaric Rocket Launcher to Ukraine

The TOS-2 Tosochka 220 mm rocket launcher

Picture yourself on a battlefield, confronted by a devastating weapon capable of causing widespread destruction. In that very moment, you might feel as if you’re facing certain death, even if your body remains intact. That’s how the Ukrainian troops might feel knowing that the Russian military is using their powerful new thermobaric weapon, the TOS-2 Tosochka 220 mm rocket launcher. On October 17, 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense officially acknowledged the deployment of the TOS-2 thermobaric rocket launcher in Ukraine, which has proven to be extraordinarily effective and deadly. It’s important to highlight that since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, Russia has been employing thermobaric rocket launchers, including the TOS-1, within Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense even described this system as a source of panic. Western defense specialists even suggest that the most effective strategy to counter this technology is the swift detection and elimination of the launchers before they become operational. This underscores just how intimidating the Russian thermobaric system is. Given the fear-inducing nature of the previous version of the Russian thermobaric rocket launcher, one can’t help but wonder: Just how terrifying will the newest TOS-2 prove to be?
Credit to : Military TV

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