Russia Caught Strapping a Battleship on a Tractor

Russia Caught Strapping a Battleship on a Tractor

In September 2023, a series of startling photographs shocked the world: a bizarre fusion of history and desperation, capturing Russian MT-LB tractors topped with antiquated 2M-3 naval turrets.

These images, 80-year-old gun mounts, originally built to arm patrol boats, onto 70-year-old armored tractors, are a surreal blend of sea and land warfare.

The Russians began putting different parts together in the spring of 2023, mixing and matching whatever hulls and turrets they had in a bid to make up for the escalating losses of modern combat vehicles in the now well-over 2-year-long war against Ukraine.

When the photographs were originally published, they were the laughingstock of the military community. And when they were used in battle, their lack of accuracy was glaring.

But this soon may change.

A recent Russian media report from the brutal battle for Avdiivka, a Ukrainian stronghold in eastern Ukraine, suggests Russia’s jankiest armored fighting vehicle seems to be evolving, hinting at a new chapter in the essential art of war improvisation.

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