Royal Australian Air Force & the F35 Fighter – 60 Minutes Australia

The F35 Fighter

There are 20 billion reasons why the federal government had to get the decision right in selecting the F35 as the next fighter for the Royal Australian Air Force. It’s by far our biggest defence purchase ever, but with 72 F35s on the way we’re apparently getting great bang for our buck. The sales pitch boasts the combat jet is a flying supercomputer loaded with so much weaponry and “gee whiz” stealth technology that no enemy can see it and won’t stand a chance against it.


Critics complain the F35s are badly designed and are an expensive waste of money. The only Australians who know for sure are two RAAF test pilots posted to the Arizona desert to train on the new aircraft. Tara Brown accepted their invitation to take a close-up look at their deadly new toys.


Credit to : 60 Minutes Australia
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