Riots, Tear Gas after 3 Killed In Paris Shooting | Why Kurds in France want Justice for “Terror Act”

World News

On Dec 23, violence erupted in a fashionable Paris neighborhood when a gunman opened fire at a Kurdish cultural center, killing three people. The perpetrator, a 69-year-old man with a history of racist violence, was white. After the attack, clashes broke out between police and a group of protesters who had gathered at the scene. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowds, who shouted slogans against the Turkish government. There is a history of tension and violence between Kurds and Turks in France. Local media reported that during the protests, trash cans were set on fire and protesters shouted slogans such as “Erdogan, terrorist” and “Turkish state, assassin.” The Paris prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the incident, including charges of murder and attempted murder.

Credit CRUX

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