Revealing Russia’s High-Tech Armor Against Ukraine’s FPV Drone

Triton Electronic Defense System

In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, warfare has evolved to a new level where the battleground is not only physical but also digital. As both sides utilize technological advancements to gain an edge, one standout development has emerged – the Triton electronic defense system. This innovation, created by the specialized entity “PPSh Laboratories,” stands as Russia’s resolute response to the threat posed by First-Person View or FPV drones. Indeed, FVP drones have proven to be deadly adversaries for Russia; targeting their tanks, personnel, and fortifications with ruthless precision. The introduction of the Triton system is expected to be a game-changer for Russia. But the question is, “Can the Triton system truly shield Russian tanks against Ukraine’s lethal FPV drone threat?”
Credit to : Defence TV