Replacing Ukraine’s Dwindling Air Defenses & Kiev’s “Managed Retrogrades” in Donbass

Russia’s “Retreat” from Snake Island while calling Ukraine’s Defeat

The Pentagon celebrates Russia’s “retreat” from Snake Island while calling Ukraine’s defeat in Donbass a “managed retrograde.”
High on war propaganda, the Pentagon rolls out more weapons for Ukraine including air defense systems meant to replace Ukraine’s dwindling supply of Soviet-Russian S300. The only problem is these newer systems have a shorter range, representing a downgrade for Ukrainian air defenses.
The HIMARS sent by the US are also reportedly on the battlefield operating, however even the Pentagon hints at limits to their use because of the learning curve involved.
When pressed to qualify claims Russia is “paying a high price” for taking Donbass, the senior defense official admits they have no numbers to do so with.
Credit to : The New Atlas

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