Real Combat Footage : Tanks hit by ATGM in Syrian War

Fighting in the Province of Hama Syria.

The media wing of the Islamist group “Jaish Al-Izz” immediately released two videos that allegedly showed American missiles from TOW anti-tank systems hitting T-90 tanks during fighting in the province of Hama.

The first video has a fantastic description:
“Jaish Al-Izz” “with a TOW missile destroyed a model T90 tank and struck another tank south of the city of Maardes” (this city was captured by gangs and Syrian troops are attacking it).

In reality, the frames show an ATGM hit in one T-62M tank, while the rocket failed to destroy it, the crew members ran out of the combat vehicle, and the tank crews also jumped out of the hatches from fear and flew away without waiting for their tank will be attacked.

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