Rare Footage of Soviet Rocket-Powered Tanks in Action

Soviet Rocket-Powered Tanks

After their introduction in World War 1, tanks became an immediate game-changer in modern warfare. The colossal, motorized contraptions were heavily armed and laboriously reinforced, making them nearly unbeatable against anything the enemy would throw at them. But despite all their might, innovation, and achievements during World War 2, the tanks were eventually as vulnerable to regular old mud as when they were first introduced to combat 30 years before. After the war, engineers from all over the world raced to tackle the mud problem once and for all. However, it would prove a complex task if they wanted to keep the impressive firepower and hefty protection that had made tanks such a significant turning point in 20th-century battlefields. In true Soviet fashion, Russia had a blunter approach. Their solution, as captured in a recently uncovered video, was simple: attach massive rocket engines to the back of their 40-ton main battle tanks, and pray for the best as the fiery spectacle unfolded…

Credit Dark Footage