RAF Action! Mustang Dive Bombers, Hurri Tank Busters, Spits, Bostons & more (Restored-HD)

RAF Action

Selected highlights from “The Gen” R.A.F. News Magazine, distributed exclusively inside the service during World War 2.


The RAF modifies North American Mustangs for dive bombing. Polish air crew take along their mascot “Spot” on night bombing missions. Gibraltar serves as both a major strategic airbase and field assembly point for crated aircraft to be distributed throughout the Med. Allied bombers, including RAF Bostons & Mitchells, strike the island fortress of Pantelleria leading to its surrender.


Hurricane “Tank Busters’, fighter/bombers armed with two 40mm canon, attack the Afrika Korps. The refitted & rearmed French aircraft carrier Berne joins Allied Forces in the North Atlantic. Coastal Command Lockheed Hudson Bombers. Free French “Lorraine” Squadron Bostons make very low level raids over their home country. Get these “The Gen” Newreels & many more on our “RAF Aviation News” DVD


Credit to : ZenosWarbirds

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