Putin’s S-300 Missiles Hit Kharkiv School, 770 Russian Troops Killed, Russia Downs Ukraine’s Su-25

Ukraine War

A Russian-installed official said that the Russian army launched a “local offensive” near the town of Orikhiv in southern Ukraine. Ukraine’s military said that its forces killed over 770 Russian troops in the last 24 hours. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said he expected “strong decisions” from the meeting at the US Ramstein air base in Germany. Germany has said that Berlin will not take unilateral action when it comes to providing tanks to Ukraine. The US has rejected the idea of sending its M1 Abram battle tanks to Ukraine. A NATO commander has warned that Western tanks will not be a “silver bullet” for Ukraine in its fight with Russia. Russia has installed defensive missile systems on top of several defence and administrative buildings in downtown Moscow. Former Russian commander Igor Girkin claims that Russia will “sink” by the end of 2023 as troops continue to fight in the war in Ukraine.

Credit CRUX