Putin’s Reverse Engineering Threat To West, Ukraine “Gains” In Bakhmut, Russia Advancing In Kupyansk

Military News

Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow will “reverse-engineer” Western technology its forces have captured in Ukraine. Putin also described the Russian T-90 tank, seen as a “main competitor” to the US Army’s Abrams M1 tank, as the best in the world. Putin has boasted Western tanks “burn better” than Soviet T-72 tanks, while Russian officials said they were studying a seized Storm Shadow missile. Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed that it recaptured seven square kilometres of land in the past week around the eastern city of Bakhmut. Kyiv said that in total, its forces have liberated 31 square kilometres in the Bakhmut area during the counteroffensive. Ukraine’s security service SBU has claimed responsibility for Crimea bridge attack, as per AFP. Zelensky has said that Ukraine will never give up its sovereignty, despite “Russian terror”. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Credit CRUX