Putin Strikes Military Base Near Kyiv, 22 Missiles Fired At Mykolaiv, 5 Killed In Central Ukraine

Ukraine War

A senior Ukrainian official has revealed that Russian forces have struck a military base north of the capital, Kyiv. In a rare admission, the military official said that Russian forces had fired “six Kalibr cruise missiles on a military base in Vyshgorod”. Ukraine added that 15 people were injured in the attack and one building was destroyed. Kyiv also said that Russia launched over 10 artillery strikes on Mykolaiv region, destroying a school, warehouses and a church. Ukraine’s Air Force Command said that Russia launched over 22 missiles from the Black Sea and Belarus on July 28. Russian separatists said four people were killed and 11 others wounded in the last 24 hours in east Ukraine’s Donetsk. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked Ukrainians not to give up fighting for their sovereignty. UK’s Defence Ministry has said that Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the Russian-occupied Kherson region is gathering momentum. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that there has been no agreement with the US on a possible prisoner exchange.

Credit CRUX