Putin Forms Elite Aviation Attack Group, Ukraine Downs Russia Su-25, “Kyiv Won’t Join NATO Soon”

Kyiv Won’t Join NATO Soon

A building in Moscow that contains a military enlistment office caught fire, according to Russian state media. TASS later reported that the fire had been extinguished, however, the cause and scale of damage remain unclear. Since the start of Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine, there have been numerous cases of citizens setting fire to military conscription offices. The Russian military is likely forming a new “elite” aviation group for operations in Ukraine, the UK’s Defence Ministry claims. The unit will consist of at least one squadron of Su-24 and Su-34 Fullback fighter-bombers and a squadron of attack helicopters. The aircraft composition suggests that the unit is designed to carry out ground attack missions, the UK Defence Ministry said. Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung daily reported that two Ukrainians could be behind the Nord Stream pipeline blasts. According to the report, Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office found that two suspects travelled to the blast site.

Credit CRUX

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