Putin Calls Russia “Land Of The Rising Sun” In Jibe At Japan’s Protest Over Vostok 2022 Drills

Ukraine War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Russia “the land of the rising sun”, taking an indirect jibe at Japan. Putin said that Russia’s easternmost part of Chukotka is located to the east of Japan. The comment comes at a time when Japan is increasingly worried over Russia’s growing presence in the Indo-pacific. China said that it participated in air, ground and naval exercises of the Russian war games. Beijing said a naval tactical team held joint exercises with Russia in the Sea of Japan, including one designed to destroy drifting mines. The Defence of Japan strategy of 2022 has highlighted the growing China-Russia military ties as a cause of concern. The document described the latest drills as Chinese “coercion” and efforts to “change the status quo” in the East and South China seas.

Credit CRUX