Putin BOMBS THE HELL out of Ukraine, worsening the Russia Ukraine War!

Putin BOMBS THE HELL out of Ukraine, worsening the Russia Ukraine War!

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In a recent interview with Stephen Gardner and Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, the discussion covered several pressing issues related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and broader geopolitical concerns. Here are the key points:

1. **Putin’s Recent Attack on Ukraine:** The interview began by addressing the recent significant missile attack by Putin’s forces on Ukraine. The host expressed confusion over Putin’s seemingly contradictory actions, as he had previously hinted at signing a peace agreement.

2. **Biden’s Additional Funding for Ukraine:** President Biden’s decision to utilize his drawdown authority to provide an additional $250 million in taxpayer money and weapons for Ukraine was discussed. The question was raised about whether this financial support was an effective strategy or if it was becoming a futile endeavor.

3. **China’s Peace Plan:** The host inquired about the apparent disappearance of the China peace plan to end the Ukraine war and questioned if China’s substantial profit from the conflict influenced their stance on advocating for peace.

4. **Putin’s Timeline for Ukraine War:** McGovern was asked about Putin’s statement to Xi Jinping regarding his expectation that the Ukraine war would last another five years. The host sought clarification on the meaning behind this timeline and why it was shared with China.

5. **Presidential Daily Briefing Content:** Given McGovern’s past involvement in President Ronald Reagan’s daily briefings, the discussion delved into what might be presented to President Biden in his daily briefings regarding the situations in Ukraine and Israel.

6. **Japan’s Contribution to Ukraine:** The recent announcement by Japan to provide American Patriot Missile systems to Ukraine was explored. The host questioned whether this decision was based on Japan’s belief in Ukraine’s fighting chance or if it was influenced by U.S. pressure to contribute weapons.

7. **Lavrov’s Statement on the West’s Intentions:** McGovern commented on Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov’s statement suggesting that the West secretly wants to end the war, possibly even without Ukraine, while still declaring Ukraine the winner. The interview sought clarification on the validity of this claim and explored potential paths to conclude the conflict.

8. **Military Plans in the Red Sea Region:** A question was posed regarding whether the military is developing plans and contingency plans in response to the increased military conflict in the Red Sea region, considering potential media and public attention.

9. **Biden Administration’s Stance on Illegal Immigration:** The interview concluded by addressing the host’s concern about the Biden administration’s seemingly unconcerned attitude toward the rising number of people illegally entering the United States and its impact on resources.

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Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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