Putin Bombs Sumy 150 Times

Ukraine War

Russian troops continue to attack eastern and southern parts of Ukraine on day 124 of the war. Russian shelling killed one civilian and eight others in the Donetsk region on June 26. Donetsk regional head Pavlo Kyrylenko said it was impossible to count the total number of casualties in Mariupol and Volnovakha. Sumy governor Dmytro Zhyvytsky said one person was killed after Russia fired on the region 150 times on June 26. Zelensky said that Ukraine needs a modern air defence system to deter Russian missiles. This comes after Putin said that Russia intends to supply Minsk with nuclear-capable Iskander-M missile systems. 35-year old Andrew Hill, who was captured by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, was paraded on Russian state TV. Russia has missed the deadline on payment of its foreign-currency sovereign debt for the first time in a century.

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Credit CRUX