Polish Volunteer Corps with Russian Volunteer Corps and Legion Freedom Russia, in raids on Russia

Operation on the Territory of the Belgorod Region

“Everyone asks us one question, did we take part in the operation on the territory of the Belgorod region …

The answer is unequivocal,
Of course!

The Polish Volunteer Corps took part in the combat task together with the Russian Volunteer Corps.
We are connected not only by the ties of brotherhood in arms, but also by personal friendships and camaraderie.

The first assault group of the Corps took action. They all came back safe and sound. The assigned task was successfully completed. We can indicate that we were the first, together with one of the RVC battle groups, to reach our destination.

It was an honor for our branch to participate in this type of operation, if only because of the historical significance of this type of operation.

Greetings to our friends from the Russian Corps for great preparation for the operation, for the help we received in preparing our group, professionalism in action and courage on the battlefield!

Information about our participation in the operation was specially published with a long delay for security reasons.”- wrote about it in the official Telegram channel.
Credit to : Military Status UA

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