Poland to send MiG-29 Fighter Jets to Ukraine – Will other NATO members follow Suit?

Supply Ukraine with Fighter Jets

Poland is making good on its promise to supply Ukraine with fighter jets to help it push back Russian invaders. This marks a major move in ally support of Ukraine and it could increas the possibility of the conflict morphing into a bigger war.

Today Poland’s president said the country will transfer four of its Soviet era MiG-29s to Ukraine, as early as next week. Poland would then become the first NATO members to send warplanes to Ukraine. And the President says, four planes are just the beginning.

Will other NATO members follow suit?

00:00 Polish fighter jets for Ukraine
01:23 NATO: ‘Absolutely not!’
05:19 Poland: Russian spy ring broken up
06:25 Military analyst on MiG-29 fighter jets to be send to Ukraine

Military analyst Marina Miron is with the War Studies Department at King’s College London.

Credit to : DW News