Plan Z – Germany’s Secret Sleeping WW2 Battleship Fleet

WW2 Battleship Fleet

Defeated and depleted of military technology after World War I, Germany adopted the highly controversial “Plan Z” in 1939. Launched shortly before the start of World War II, the project could have made Germany’s naval power equal to that of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, and it called for the construction of 10 battleships, 3 battlecruisers, 4 carriers, 15 Panzerschiffe, 5 heavy and 13 light cruisers, 22 scouts, 68 destroyers, and 90 U-boats for a total of 230 vessels with over 200,000 sailors. Facing a formidable threat from such a surface fleet available may have caused Britain to think twice about their island nation’s vulnerability and may have put Germany on the front-foot for any Sea Lion-like amphibious invasion across the English Channel…

Credit Dark Docs

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