“Phosphorus Bombs Dropped In Zaporizhzhia”, 400 Russian Troops Killed, Putin Aide Warns US

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s military claims that it has killed over 400 Russian troops in the east and south over the last 24 hours. Social media videos showed a contingent of Ukrainian troops raising the national flag in the eastern town of Novoselivka. Russia said 14 people were injured in an ammunition explosion caused by “human error” in the Belgorod region that borders Ukraine. Russian-backed officials, who claimed huge majorities in recent referendums, have called on Putin to annex the occupied areas. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that “not all the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic has been liberated yet”. Moscow said an “overwhelming majority” had backed joining Russia, claiming “99.23 percent” backing in the Donetsk region. Peskov warned that the United States is getting increasingly close to “becoming a party to the conflict” in Ukraine. Kremlin has said that any allegations against Russia over the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage are “predictably stupid”. The US Embassy in Moscow has warned its citizens not to travel to Russia and advised those “residing or travelling” there to “depart immediately”. #Russia#Kherson#Referendum#NuclearWar#Putin#Zelensky#WorldNews

Credit CRUX

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