Outpost Vegas : A Bloody Battle between China and the United Nations – Korea

Bloody Battle between China and the United Nations

Between March 26 and 30, 1953, a bloody battle between China and the United Nations Command raged during the Korean War. The Battle for Outpost Vegas would go down in history as one of the fiercest confrontations between East and West after World War II.
Vegas was one of three outposts, referred to as the Nevada Cities, that were attacked by China’s People’s Volunteer Army, just north of the U.N.’s Main Line of Resistance. As the United States soldiers valiantly held their ground under adverse conditions, a singular hero emerged. As a member of a recoilless rifle platoon, Sergeant Reckless transported ammunition and wounded soldiers through heavy gunfire. The US Marine Corps powerhouse went on to earn two purple hearts, and even after being wounded, she continued to serve proudly. What’s even more extraordinary, Sergeant Reckless was a horse…
Credit to : Dark Docs

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