OIL, Stalingrad, The Italians and More! Answering 10 uncommon questions about WW2

Answering 10 uncommon questions about WW2

00:20 William Houston – Why did the Luftwaffe bomb Stalingrad?
04:28 Edward Johnson – Would Stalingrad have been won without Rzhev?
08:55 Scott Nieradka – What happened in the Caucasus?
14:59 Arman Serkesanov + Kevin Mac – Lend Lease and the USA “neutrality” prior to Dec 1941
OIL (Please watch all three in order because the answer to some of the questions are in the others)
21:28 John Weatherby – Did Germany have the refining capacity to use Caucasus Oil?
23:04 Hanhwe Kim – Should the Germans have gone to the Middle East instead of Caucasus?
28:51 Mario Sobczyk – Should have gone Middle East, coordinated with the Japanese, and hide their brutality.
34:08 War Eagle – What do I think about the “World at War” series?
39:04 Guy Andrews – How good or bad were the Italians in WW2?
46:33 Zalman Kuperman – Why did Mussolini seek an alliance with Germany?

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