Newsreel 82nd Airborne Victory Parade 5th Ave , NYC WW2 ( Video )

Victory Parade

LS, General James M Gavin leading the parade gives orders to start the march.
HLS, Division marching along Fifth Avenue; Washington Arch in bg. Crowds 1ining both sides of street waving and cheering.
HLS, artillery pieces drawn by jeeps. Army band follows. Cut-ins, crowds watching parade from windows and roof tops of buildings.
HLS, MS, troops passing reviewing stand.
CU, soldiers carrying slung rifles pass. camera
CU, marching feet.
VS, 82nd Division troops as they parade along Fifth Avenue.
MS, policemen holding back crowds. Head-on shot of Gen Gavin as he leads parade.
CU, American flag flying from building.
MS, tanks, self-propelled guns and armored vehicles passing camera. Formation of planes flies overhead.
MS, Governor Thomas E Dewey, Mayor William O’Dwyer, Gen Gavin, Fiorello H LaGuardia and other distinguished guests in reviewing stand as armored vehicles, troops, and Color Guard pass in review.”