Nebelwerfer – German Rocket Artillery from World War 2

Rocket Artillery

Nebelwerfer – the German rocket artillery from World War 2 – is quite often mentioned, yet at the same time very little is known about them. This video covers the Nebeltruppe (Smoke Troops / Smoke Arm), 15-cm-Nebelwerfer 41, schwere Wurfgerät 40 and 41, Wurfrahmen 40, 28/32-cm Nebelwerfer 41, 21-cm-Nebelwerfer 42, 30-cm-Nebelwerfer 42, Panzerwerfer 42, 30 cm R-Werfer 56, 20 cm Leichter Ladungswerfer and
38 cm schwerer Ladungswerfer. Besides the general information on the Nebelwerfer themselves.
Credit to : Military History Visualized

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