NATO Operation Sea Guardian – Patrolling the Mediterranean

Operation Sea Guardian

What is NATO Operation Sea Guardian? And how do crews aboard ships from Croatia, Italy and the United Kingdom work together to help secure the Mediterranean?
Maritime security is high on NATO’s agenda. In 2016, NATO launched a maritime security operation in the Mediterranean Sea – called Sea Guardian – to deter and counterterrorism and other threats to Allied maritime security.
Sea Guardian also provides maritime situational awareness and can carry out tasks to help build naval capacity of NATO partners.
NATOChannel boarded the British ship HMS Echo, the Croatian Navy ship HRMV Vukovar and the Italian Navy frigate ITS Espero during the first days of their focused patrols in 2018. Footage includes various shots aboard ITS Espero and HRMV Vukovar, and various shots as crews from both conduct a practice operation boarding HMS Echo as though it were a potentially hostile vessel. Footage also includes various shots of Dutch Special Forces approaching a fishing vessel from a former Sea Guardian rotation.
Credit : NATO