NATO Maritime Forces Display Massive show of Strength Amid Growing Russia-Ukraine Tension

NATO staged a Large Maritime Exercise

US Military #News – In recent Days Nato staged a Large Maritime Exercise that composed of two carriers, 15 ships, and approximately 90 Aircraft, & Personnel from 28 NATO countries. #USNews #USANews
The Large Maritime Exercise was held in the Adriatic Sea
a powerful symbol of U.S. military might and NATO capabilities in a region increasingly on edge
The Exercise that lasted nearly two weeks . Displayed NATO’s ability to integrate the high-end maritime warfare capabilities of a carrier strike group to support the defense of the Alliance.
The Exercise called Neptune Strike 22, levered the Combat Power of a U.S. Carrier Strike Group Sircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and its Carrier Strike Group.
The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group. includes guided missile destroyers Bainbridge, Cole, Gravely, Jason Dunham, guided-missile cruiser San Jacinto, along with Carrier Air Wing 1 and staff from Carrier Strike Group 8.
It was the first time since the Cold War that a full U.S. carrier strike group came under NATO command.
Credit to : NATO